Yep, I am in Zeltingen-Rachtig.

In Germany.

I also had no idea where or what was it, until I got here.

From Moldova* or anywhere in the world  I’ve been, going to/ working in/living in Germany  sounds like a deluxe voyage towards the ever lasting happiness.

In Zeltingen- Rachtig the life force of the  river Moselle is nurturing the land and it’s people. There are tiny groups of houses along the shore where tourists (mostly over 60) can spend (and they do, each year for years) a week or so of quite pleasures. Local wine,traditional food, local entertainment, the presence of the quite and indifferent spouse at the table.

I watch them sitting in front for each other for hours, eating, drinking, talking and interacting in slow motion. The woman helps her old man to sit down because he can’t move. Another one is caring his plate on his wheel chair, back and forth the buffet. He did not give up yet. Each ride takes about 10 minutes with pit stops.

Heavy bodies  lingering around. The pleasure of being served, having drinks brought to the table or door, the feeling of being in charge for a moment.

An old man gave me his home address in Belgium, written on a small piece of paper. Because he is lonely drinking beer and I am supposed to be friendly and serve his beer, as part of my job.

Lonely here, lonely there he said. He gave it to me, a Gastarbeiter from Moldova whom he will never see again.

What am I supposed to do with his pain?



How do people manage to carry so much pain in silence, lifelong, while  pretending that everything is fine?

I did it myself for a while until it crashed.

You do it because you concentrate on living the right life. You do it because you are afraid of loosing the benefits, the comfort of being unconscious. You do it because you like it, you do it because you don’t know what else to do. You do it because this is how it works. They say.

I am not sure if this is the condition that people in Moldova are craving.

Is it the comfortable death that you are wishing? Do you want  the week long bonus after a life spent on gathering things and ignoring yourself?

There is no Wunderland called Germany.

People of Moldova and everywhere, think about it. Feel it. It’s all in your heart.



*Check my About page for  better understanding.


  1. Te salut , draga Rica!

    am citit cu mare interes chiar din prima zi notitele tale din jurnalul de calatorii si oameni. intilniti.
    dar mi-a luat ceva timp ca sa intru sa ma patrund in realismul celor consemnate.

    imi place modul cu care tratezi tu cele intimplate , din interior dar si oarecum privind din tr-o parte acest dezgustator spectacol real …

    deseori ma gindesc si eu la lucrul asta- de ce ajung oanenii sa fie asa ca niste lave mincacioase, ca porcii , cu gindul doar la burta si interesul sau. Si ajung la concluzia ca sunt doar niste produse vorbitoare , sunt produsul pseudoculturii ,contemporane care le baga-cap ca asta e scopul si sensul vietii – sa aduni sa maninci cit mai mult si de toate si nimic mai mult si ei ca niste marionetete docile ajunj asa cum ii vezi tu grasi si frumosi!- dar cu sufletul mai mult mort decit viu,umbla de colo-colo dupa noi si noi senzatii s i bunuri, dar totdeauna tristi si dezaamagiti. Si asta in timpul cind sunt mii de biserici, sute de culte, care vorbesc si invatatura lor se reduce la -iubeste pe aproapele tau , ca pe tine insuti, adica asa cum te gindesti si te stradui pentru tine, tot asa fa-o si pentru cel ce e alaturi de tine. De aici vine si bucuria din suflet si simtul ca nu traiesti in zadar…

    dar viata nu se termina aici pe pamint, veniva si ziua cind vom da socoteala la fiecare fapta fiecare vorba nelalocul ei si atunci acele sageti cale infrunti tu acolo zilnic vor deveni acuze pentru ei…iar cei care au trait de si-au pastrat sufletul curat- vor vedea Lumina, asa cum ti-a zis tie acel Inger…


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