Thank you Adam&Eve, great job!

What the **** were you thinking when eating that apple?

Where was your mind? When GOD tells you not to eat from that damn apple tree, you DON’T DO IT.

I also like apples but when I have no money to pay for them or find myself in a apple free zone, I abstain myself from any other possible methods of obtaining them.

Are you even aware of the consequences? The whole human race for millions of years copy you because they have an excuse, Adam&Even did it! We can do it! It is our DESTINY!

Now people on Earth have to WORK in order to be alive. No one puts us in a garden full of apples, because of your spiel. One has to BUY them. In order to do that you have to WORK.

I have been having a hellish week at work, Adam&Eve.

I announced my leaving because I am having problems with my back and because the air itself stinks in that family -owned hotel. I have been trying, and will continue doing so for as long as I will work here, to be open minded, be emphatic, be proactive, be strong, be ready, be good. Nothing seems to get to the mind and heart of this employer, the mad W, the Oberkellner. He continues to treat me and the others like dogs. Like slaves who have to suffer under the physical pressure of the job but also under the emotional and psychological negativity that he has created as a way to scare us and be in charge. He is functioning on default. His mindset is such that he can not discern different ways of relating to people who work with him.  He needs the assuring feeling of being the Kaiser, as he presented himself as I arrived. The Kaiser! I was assigned the role of a mere court dog.

My last human  attempt is the email that I have written to the legally in charge person (otherwise, W. managed to interfere in the thinking of this person. They are living together). I am supposed to work without a pause for more than 9 hours on Thursday because the Kaiser wants to go somewhere. This is extremely painful and damaging for my heath problems. I need the pause in between. I have mentioned that already but it has been disregarded.

Not to be one sided and see only my needs, I do understand and also agree with the fact that he has to do stuff. I feel in my heart this readiness to help. Some time ago I would have agreed on suffering the back pain only not to be considered complicated or weak. I did it as  model wearing shoes that were too small just because I wanted to help and make the show happen and not fall into the category of models who are paying the drama queens. And also because I have this conviction that one must act, be kind first, share a lesson of humanity for those who have forgotten that something like that exists. Since I’ve been here I was acting on behalf of this conviction. But the hole is too deep and too black and I need to take care of myself in order to stay alive. I can not be made responsible for the way they are managing their business and the lack of stuff.

This is a difficult lesson for me to swallow and digest. I have to learn to acknowledge my weakness.

During the week the Kaiser allowed himself a deeply harmful approach.  He screamed at me last night when all the people were there eating, he screamed at me in the kitchen, he threw things around, he attempts to make me feel ashamed and guilty because I am legally and naturally entitled to having a free day.  One day out of seven. He reacted violently or did not speak to me for a week. When people work together it is useful to communicate.

More than that. I have been asking for the salary for three days already. It should have been in my account already. I know that the transfer itself was a kind of revolution for them because usually they pay cash. Why? Because they are used to humble dogs happy to get the bone after the Kaiser’s meal.

I know for sure that I am a human being. I am conscious of what I don’t know and I am making a conscious effort in choosing my actions and thoughts. I do not always succeed in making the best choice but I try again and again. I am not a humble dog. I give and want respect. Dogs want respect too.

You know what, Adam&Eve…I hope that you are well during your terrestrial  sojourn eating all the apples you want, but **** you.

You and the Oberkellner, the Kaiser in the kitchen.


Destiny is  a choice.

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