I am learning to pierce the layers of life and be OK with the turbulences.

I am becoming aware of the multi-layered texture of life. When moving it is inevitable that fracture zones appear. It is inevitable that difficulties appear.

After another conflict with the Keiser I decided to move on. I learned the leasson, the rest was just time wasting for me.  During the last days nothing I did was fine, even if until than my work was considered quite an achievement. His state of mind is creating an unsatisfactory environment for me to be. He is mishandling himself, consequently , everyone around who does not accept the marionette part. I tried and I did understand his motives but I am not having fun while being yelled at all the time.

The Keiser might need professional help and I am not joking or being simply sarcastic. The mind just like the body needs to be cured and cleaned.

This experience in Zeltingen-Rachtig made me remember that I actually enjoy turbulences and the What-will-be-will-be  kind of feeling that overflows my veins. I usually grab the handles of the seat and lean back in silence. I listen.

I am learning to apply this principle in the everyday life while making me courage to take audacious decisions and move on.

I am curious about what will happen now. There are so many things that I do not understand yet, nor do I know about.



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