Step it up

Is it a joke?

Someone asked me a few days ago about this blog, is it a joke? No, no f****ing joke!

I can  understand why would someone think about it in this way. It really is scary to be transparent. I tried two times before and couldn’t go on, because I was still not fine with the uncomfortable feeling of revealing my thoughts and feelings and my ways of dealing with the reality. I was afraid of being judged. My ego was whispering loudly.

I am not sure though, why this person was trying to find a different meaning for this communication channel I chose, other than the already stated one, which is the true one. Love for myself thus for all. And learning to understand the hardships of life. Maybe because it is addressing a very delicate, painful and also misused topic. Something you only talk with friends about, someone who keeps you safe.

My reasons are clear for me. I am projecting into reality a higher level of authenticity and sincerity by opening up my heart and mind to whatever comes or will come. I do this because I understood that at the level of consciousness we are all one.

There is no need to fear visibility because there is nothing different about me or you or you. Yes, our experiences on Earth are different but they revolve around the same principle, love.  I am stepping it up by becoming more attentive with my mind and the world I live in now.

I posted a prayer, yes. Did it disqualify me in this world of highly intellectual atheists?

I want to show that even intelligent persons, as we all are, may pray if you understand the meaning of it. It is not a shameful or idiotic thing to do. Praying is not a call out of stupidity or religious zeal but a deep understanding of our nature. We are spiritual creatures having a terrestrial experience. We are intelligent spiritual beings  with bodies just passing through in order to experience different situations and become more aware of ourselves. Praying is the way one keeps in touch with the universe. If you don’t like the name call it an email or  a SMS in a thought form.

So, dear friend from afar, this is for real.





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