L’ètè glacial

This is a short one.

I am engrossed with a couple of books now. I am preparing something interesting related to that. Just a hint: somehow they are all talking about the same period in time but from different perspectives. I mean, I did not pick them intentionally. So, they came to me.

The office is of course still there, people are still buying these things in the stores all over the world, people still need to understand each other and they still call us for that.

Good job for Lovegenerator yesterday- alone on the line. On the f****ing German line! The scheduled colleague got sick and nobody else wanted to come on a Saturday in the office. As a result, Lovegenerator ruled! 🙂

The crew:  Meet Mr.Wilson, the poppy-seed flower and the seahorse.

She did well, managed to take all the calls and help those people. The amount of calls on the German line is double as on the other lines but she managed even to help the French colleagues. Who were not talking to each other because angry. One of them was doing the Ramadan, thus highly sensitive to any external movement. The other one was shoving food in his mouth the whole time, which is a favorite activity of his.

My nomme de guerre , Lovegenerator that is, is up to date and functioning.

I am also trying the ocean with the finger by exercising my voice in another way: Victoria@GeneratorIII A very public exercise but, what the hell, this makes it even more strange and interesting for me.

This is going to be the ète glacial for me. I might stumble. Fall.But I am going through it.



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