Under the tuscan…unemployment.Three perspectives. Part III.

We have arrived at the end of my short journey on the Italian  work market.

There are many other aspects to take into account, I am sure. So, if you are someone looking for very specific information…go for it.

I have been writing about my experiences for quite a while now.

In Italy and not only.

I do not want to repeat.

This time I am going to tell you just my conclusions, after having lived through these experiences. Good or bad, they are all part of my life now.

At the very beginning in Italy, after being taken for a fool by a german-turkish entrepreneur who was looking for contributors in Italy I learned that I can do better if I stop considering myself a fool. I learned also that people, most of the time, do not understand my real intentions, that is why I have to make my intentions clear.

Sometimes even people from your family circle do not understand your real intentions.

After having spent weeks on the streets of the town  spreading my CV around, trying to make my interlocutors grasp the gravity (from my point of view) of the situation and getting no reaction at all, I learned that most people do not care, for real.

Sometimes even the people closest you do not care.

After having washed and swept the floors, cleaned the rooms, served tables,washed dishes, prepared the sweets or the bread baskets , organised the kitchen and the back of the kitchen, served breakfasts in rooms ….all that at the infamous (for me) Castello di M. I learned again that I can do more but when there is no request for that which I can do, besides cleaning and cooking, I have to find a way of compromise. The middle way. I have met there one single happy person.It was a kind man, my father’s age maybe, from Romania. He was the man good at everything, fixing the castle all day long. He knew how to fix everything. Like my father does. One day while I was washing a pile of dishes in the kitchen, he talked to me about his daugher who also spoke different languages. He was so proud of her because even if she was studying she still wanted to help with the  budget and she taught kids languages. He suggested that I do the same, why serve the castle when I could serve a better cause?

I did not go back to the castle after that. I was too ashamed. Thank you dear stranger, thank you for asking me what nobody else did.

Sometimes the closest people, supposed to know and understand you, don’t ask you the important questions.

After having spent a day in a souvenir shop, in the heart of the town, as a probation day, I learned that I can’t sell things that, in my perspective, do not add value to humans or to the world as whole. Souvenirs are most often not doing that. They take up physical and mental space. The owner of this shop was a deeply sad man. I wonder if the people close to him ever notice and address this?

Sometimes people close to you do not notice.

After that I tried my luck in Germany.  From this experience I learned that I would not like to exist in such conditions as those people live there. I am referring to the restaurant owner’s family. They gathered amazing riches on the exterior plane. On the interior they were drawn to insanity, because of the pain and self rejection.

Sometimes the closest people do not say or do anything because they are insane, in pain.

After that I tried my destiny in Czechia. From this experience I learned a fundamental lesson. I learned that we must take responsibility for all our thoughts and actions if we want to live in an authentic way. And this requires courage to express your thoughts, even if that means losing people on the way.

Sometimes the family or friends don’t know what to do with you.

You should know better what you want, don’t expect to be told.

Now I am here again. Full circle.

I don’t know what will I find.

The search until now has been like talking underwater. I almost drowned. Almost lost my breath.


But, I follow my own advice, and I try again.

We must learn to own our lives completely.

I am still learning to do that.

My best and only piece of advice in the meantime-  follow the heart and you will find your way.

liniste 013
Find your way…


Journey well my dear invisible friends!





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