{Fiorentino} Aè’ culo

I always have been interested in  understanding  people around me.

Now I am living in a country where the language is not only an instrument of communication but something that determines your origin. The Italians, among themselves, recognize easily the different ways of speaking, the pronunciation. This frames that person, it gives him an origin, a history, a geography, a mental format, so to speak.

Each region, if not each city or small village has its own way of speaking, thus seeing the world.

I am going to study  how people talk in Florence, the Fiorentino.

I’ve put my hands on this marvelous book today.


I chose the first expression to present: Aver culo, translated per se, means having ass 🙂 But what does it mean? In what situation do they use it? Well, the book written by Renzo Raddi Icchè tu dici? A Firenze si parla così  explains these things.

Aver culo means being lucky even not merited or getting out of trouble without much effort. Winning without trying. In Romanian this would translate in Prost să fii noroc să ai, which means  you can be stupid all is good as long you are lucky. Back home I heard this expression being used in situations when someone got a job easily, got a good mark at school without studying, just using their “presence”. This has never happened to me, I had to sweat for everything!

In Italy I heard this expression used in relation to a certain football team 🙂 Ma che culo c’è hanno questi! In the beginning, I directed my attention at their asses, to see what is so special about them, but then I understood the real meaning!

I guess, sometimes we all need to aver culo! A little bit of luck is always welcome, no matter how your actual ass looks like!

Check the Lovegenerator FB page for a little video presentation: Living books

Until next time I wish you to aver culo!



  1. Prost sa fii – noroc sa ai-este mentalitatea cersetorilor, a celor care nu cred nici in D-zeu nici in propriile forte.
    D-zeu a creat oamenii dupa chipul si asemanarea Sa, prin harul sau El pune in spiritul celor care cred puterea Sa imensa care ne face liberi , care poate scimba lumea , care poate trata de orice boala , poate invia suflete…


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