{Fiorentino} Icchè c’entr’ i’ culo con le Quarantore?

Wondering thought the book about the local way of speaking in Florence I can’t ignore  the multitude of expressions referring to the culo, to the ass.

I told you, the Italians have this thing, nothing to do about it.

For today I chose another culo expression which brings a little bit of clarity, at least this is the intention!

Icchè c’entr’ i’ culo con le Quarantore?  or Cosa centra il culo con le Quarant’ore? That is: what does the ass have to do with the 40 hours? Which wouldn’t mean anything without this book.

Doing the Italian face and gesture! 🙂

The expression is used to point out the lack of coherence or logic in an argument, during a conversation. By saying this, the speaker is trying to bring the course of the discussion on the right path again. A Romanian equivalent would be: Ce are de-a face una cu alta?  which is a rather honorable way of confronting someone without mentioning their ass. But the ass has a point here.

The story goes like this.

During the three days of prayer, which constitutes the Forty Hours’ Devotion , inaugurated by Clemente VIII in 1952 (the 231st Pope of the Catholic church and sovereign of the State of the Church/Stato Pontificio), a young woman

Clemente III.jpg
Clemente VIII is watching us!

felt her ass touched repeatedly by a “believer”. At last she asked him : Icchè c’entr’ i’ culo con le Quarantore?  Which is a pertinent question and the girl is courageous.

Damn, women had to fight for their freedom of being since time immortal.

We are now in 2018 and we are still fighting this fight. #metoo rings a bell?

That is  why I get quite angry and sad when I meet women behaving like little girls (or men wanting to be forever 21) when the world needs, responsable and whole, men and women.We have to take our lives in our hands and face the truth of our situations, strive for the better.

Until next time, try to stay on the point so that your message is received without interferences from the ass 🙂





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