{Fiorentino} Fassi coglionare

This is another expression in Fiorentino.

I should hang it somewhere for me to see it every day. The meaning goes between the lines of:  Enough! Stop being taken for a fool! 

I feel like that every time I am being asked Where do you come from? The answer will always be Republic of Moldova and the pain underneath will always be lurking in the shadows.

I feel like that also because I am sensitive enough to feel what other people feel. There is so much stored anger and pain! Masked in so many different ways. It is quite exhausting for me to be among people without putting on a neutre shield.

Women here in Italy (and most of the world I would say) are ripe with pain. I feel it like  an open wound that is not going to heal because it gets open every day anew. It is yellow with infection.

I feel taken for a fool everytime I claim my right to be a peaceful, whole and woman in Italy. A Moldovan woman in Italy,  who is not here to support the badante (in-home nursing personal) army. Nothing against the job, just wanting to point out that Moldova and  Moldovan people are diverse.

I feel like that everytime I do a job interview and afterwards they don’t say anything beside the generic, copy pasted rejection. I wish they would take the time and explain why so that we could all learn something, me- what should be improved, them- to treat humans and their time respectfully.

Anyway, the explanation for this expression should be centered on the word coglione, of course.


This will be a little graphic, but that’s Italy, I warned you before!

We are used to disregard kind, educated and measured people while wasting great amounts of energy on those who talk louder, act louder. This last character is than the one in control, the one with great physical (but not moral) attributes while the good and measured one is being referred to the coglioni, the most common male denominator. But taking into account only the “package” containing the male organs. The empty package, if you get my point.

Go and figure.

I can only say that in Italy the physical attributes are a lot more discussed and taken into consideration than in any other place I have been. No wonder I see so many young women spending their lives trying to stay beautiful and don’t work on their other innate qualities. Or don’t trust themselves to do so. No wonder men, who don’t have a bodybuilders’ body,  suffer or doubt themselves as well.

Coleus first, in late latine coleone, then coglia which became the mocking coglione. This is how the verb colgionare , thus the expression farsi colgionare,  came into being. Both have a mocking, degrading  intention, of one self or another person.

Oh man! Fiorentino goes right to the origins!





Until next time, be brave wherever you are. 

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