{Fiorentino} Fass’ una purcesecca

This expression in Fiorentino is completely new to me.

I could not find an equivalent in Romanian for it. I could not find a similar expression but I do know the feeling!

Farsi una pulcesecca means to be pinched or have the skin caught in between something (while closing a door or cupboard for example) without producing grave lesions. In Fiorentino they say purcesecca.

The pulce is a parasite insect, the lice.


I don’t know what lice are good for, other than causing a child to stay home while the school or kindergarten is under a lice assault. Which is so cool!

The burning sensation that one is trying to express by using this expression, reminds me about the “evil” way of some Moldovan mothers to make their children understand who’s in charge. That thing that she was talking about 30 min ago? Well, it must be done immediately! How? By pinching the child on the arm or earlobe and turning the skin around in slow motion.

That reminds me  the day when my sister, a little sister at that time, underwent this kind of treatment at school. She came home with a bloody earlobe. There were quite a few angry teachers in our schools. I have some similar memories as well and a reason why I don’t speak Russian very well.

Some are lucky, no danger to have the earlobe torn!

But, back to lice, the main character today.

This insect can fast for 15 days in a row. It has the “mouth” adapted to piercing the skin, bruising and burning it for a moment.

This acidic sensation is what the expression Farsi una pulcesecca points to.  




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