Dear friends and family,

I am here today to let you know that I will take a pause from posting my thoughts here.

Don’t know how long or how short.


There are a handful of you reading this blog, ever since I had the inspiration to start it.

I am very grateful for your presence. Over time, I have understood that my aim here is not to reach the most number of persons, only through the existing social media highways. I have 4 friends on Facebook. Now I have no Facebook at all!

I am not here for the clicks. I would like though that my message would reach more people. Because it is important.

That is why it has to be good, profound and real. I will find a way without going through the algorithms’ governing social media.

Or maybe I will not find it. Don’t know.

I am here to transmit the feeling of pure love. So that you and me could have it as a reference. Learning compassion, empathy and humanity is the challenge of my life in itself, so I am learning as we speak. As I write.

The pause is needed because I am feeling that my situation at the moment is infusing too much the message with my personal needs and worries. I have to learn to deal with them before I could talk to you. It is a creative pause.

The Nonviolent Communication book, the one I presented last time, is a profound material that I have to go in depth with and understand thoroughly before presenting it to you, the way I want.

I thank you again for being here from time to time.

I hope you understand.


Leaving you with the light and love of God.

Before saying or doing anything, feel it though, to the deepest. Life might take a new turn.



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