Camping(my way) in Prague

I have never been camping for real. This time I find myself in an interesting, unprecedented situation.

Last time I was writing and  praying for a place to call home. Well, life in a big city as Prague is not easy. Finding a home, a place to rent is quite a challenge, if we take in account the circumstance: no money to spend on  bright apartments, no time to lose renting rooms in motels around the city, no acquaintances or friends to show me the way, a new onboarding process at the new  full time job, an upcoming part time job to get under the belt.

It would be easy to take a step back and say : To hell with it all ! I give up!  I go back to Italy. (Or Moldova for this matter).

God has come my way since I have gone his way. I use the word God, even if there are people who dislike it, find it boring, a thing from barbaric times.

I have found a place.It is a few metro stops away from this one, Florenc, which is so funny, since I am coming from…Florence, Italy 🙂


The room doesn’t have a million dollar view but it is clean.


As you can see, it is a small, empty room. It literally had nothing in there when I first found it. Not even a broom.There is water dripping in the bathroom.

The camping site that exists now is my proud creation. I managed to find a cheap cover and something to put underneath, as not to sleep directly on floor. I would have done that, if need be.

I decided to tell you about this situation because I find it important to show that when there is will there is a way.

The best thing about this place is that it belongs to an impoverished  family. I met the mother and their physically impaired daughter. The father saluted me and left as soon as I got there the first time. Couldn’t see his eyes. Their daughter is 20 years old but looks like 11. She knows a few words in English. Happy is one of them.

I do believe that there is a reason why I am here now and have found precisely this forgotten place to rent. It is because in this way the family will get more money in. It is so because I will grow by doing that. This is how positive energy flows.

I am going to work and, in time, create the possibility to make this place a little more comfortable, not too much though.

I like emptiness which leaves space for breathing.  I am a kind and friendly stoic 🙂

Anyway, haven’t Japanese people slept on the floor for centuries? Yes, they have tatami mats underneath and I don’t. Not a big problem!


My father didn’t have that as well, while sleeping here.

rusia (13)

He had cement saks underneath.

So, whenever you are, whoever you are sleeping with and for how long or short, on whatever type of bed, make sure that that bed it is the place which is going to make you grow.

In my case, the space I inhabit now is very representative. I started again from the bottom, earth level, in a different country, different culture, different job, not knowing anyone here.

Let’s see how I and the space transform.

To close today’s post, this is one of the views this place has to offer.

Vysehrad, Prague.



  1. Te salut cu drag Rica!

    poza de mai sus mi-au rascolit amintirile mele despre Praga In vecinatatea locului unde sedeam la fel era o biserica si alaturi un parc la fel cateva statii de la Flores….Felicitari pentru apartament, frumos , nu prea multa mobila…, patul i-mi place!, tot ai progresat tu in ceva, fata de al meu.. si un lucru bun cu siguranta- ti se indreapta spatele, e experimentat!. Dar sper tare mult sa nu-ti fie rece.. vezi totusi, poate ca -ti trimitem ceva ce -ti lipseste de acasa? SA AI ZILE BUNE!


    1. Noroc Ticu, multumesc ca ai scris.
      Va imbratisez si va doresc numai bine.

      Eu nu stau chiar in apropiere de Florenc. Cand luam metro-ul, schimbam linia la Florenc. Acum am gasit un mod de a merge de acasa pana la lucru.



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