{Living books} Magic

Hello there!

Today I want to introduce  a new series that is going to happen here.

It is called Living books, or books which are alive!

What do I mean by that?

I have been reading ever since I learned how to do that. In the small house where I grew up there was a bed, shared by me and my sister. In front of that bed on a wall, an alphabet was reigning. A large sheet of paper with letters and a drawing underneath each one, representing a word starting with that letter.

I was fascinated and never got bored of those drawings, trying to understand what were they good for.

I used to fall asleep like that.

Growing up in Moldova, helping my parents to build our home (we literally made the bicks ourselves from clay, hay and water) reading all the books I could find was my childlike activity, my entertainment. Somehting I enjoyed doing for hours and hours without needing anything else but a heap of apples, just to keep me going.

So, here I am, years later having travelled, worked and lived in different countries, different continents, and reading is still my main activity, entertainment and way of living.

I decided to share with you, in short clips, passages from the books I am reading and ..living through.

The first book that I am going to read to you from has a special meaning to me, the series Harry Potter by Joanne K. Rowling. I have never read Harry Potter until now. When it first came out I was busy surviving. The magical wave, like many other waves, passed by me.

Later I was still trying to get to the point when I could sit down and read the book. I used to say that I don’t deserve that kind of treat, since my life circumstance were not yet those that I was looking for.

Those circumstances never came. There was always something to be done.

Now, I have decided that the time has come.

I am ready for miracles to happen.

Just a note, I will reading in different languages. Even if you don’t understand, just listen. The miracle of storytelling, story reading in this case, will find the way to you!

The videos are as raw and real as they can be.

I hope you will enjoy these videos, as much as I enjoy reading  🙂

Peaceful days…



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