{Living books} Passion

The story of today is  inspiring, powerful and sad. Like a cold shower.

After having read the book about the creation of  Zip2, PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla- Elon Musk in two words, I knew that I am on the right path. The path of growth, through trouble.

I do not have the mental power that this human being, Elon Musk, has, nor his knowledge and influence but I do have the same passion for life. A life that is real and authentic, courageous and not clinging to any kind of material possession. Not aspiring to get rich as a final destination, but to take humanity to the next level.

Why not make the space,you know, the sky, available and accessible? This is something Elon Musk and hundreds of extremely intelligent, hardworking, and quite “insane” people already made happen.

In my case, why not put out into the world that which I want to find. The slogan of my activity here is I (also) have a dream. Did you ask yourself what that dream might be? The “also” of course is referring to Martin Luther King. Yet again, I do not put myself in the same line with him but my passion, my dream does. They are made out of the same material. Light.

My dream is to connect myself to humanity and help others do the same. To light the sparkle of goodness, courage and determination in my eyes and those of the others. To keep going even when there is no way ahead. 

The sadness is related to the personal struggle of Musk. His mind, his dreams and visions are so far away from life on Earth. This distances him from the majority of us. Add to that, his painful childhood, the relationship with his father and the experiences after and you have the perfect venom which is going to eat of him all his life.

As an exercise, let’s try his point of view.

In that case, I do understand why he is sometimes impatient, rude, maybe violent in the way he verbalizes his thoughts- it is because he sees what is possible. He can’t understand why would we want to linger and take vacations, or wonder about money, if we could instead go to Mars, or reach the space, just like we would with any destination on Earth. Or save the planet through electric cars. He can’t bother with the hurt feelings of that one and the other one.

On a very different scale, I feel the same. I am so far away from what my colleagues are preoccupied with. Some of them. (I still can’t reach the strange ones, hiding in the shadows, those being of interest for me actually). The others are discussing what’s for lunch today, babies, trips to who knows where, Monday again, hurray it’s Friday, team buildings, new pants, new shoes. 5 minutes into one of these subjects make me go to sleep. And this does not make my relationship with them easier. I have to work triple just to find a way to connect at some level.

So, my conclusion is that being human is a marvelous, humorous, melancholic and painful experience.

Elon Musk continues to create the world he wants to live in, the completely new one, a better one? He is at work as we speak. 

We can all do the same in out ways. For us and for those to come.

I am reading here a passage where the conditions of Musk’s first business adventure are presented. He slept on the floor, in the office, near his desk, where he and his brother also lived, while creating Zip2.

Looking around myself, I am also seeping on the floor now. And who knows where is this going to take me…




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