2 ways to live meaningful days

From outside, my life looks dull and monotone.

My colleagues think I have stumbled on something and stayed down. That I have no fun since I don’t attend the corporate events. My father reminded me some time ago that life might become just a clump of repetitive days if work is all you do. And I do agree, to some extent. To the extent of which your work is a burden. Mine is not.

In fact, I  happy to be here in Prague and to work on developing an even better version of Lovegenerator. Yes, I work almost all the time but it does’t feel as if I have been punished. I can do it! And I want to!

I am also preoccupied by some things. One of them – ensuring that my financial life cycle does’t die. This has been my most deep and basic fears and it has been sucking my energy from the roots. When I loose trust  in my creative power I loose trust in life and my financial situation is in deep decline.

Another preoccupation-  living a life without joy, heart, color, passion, courage .

So you see, the danger is real. Work=Create= Fear to get caught into repetitiveness.

I have been testing my following 2 solutions for a while, and it it works:

Service– I remind my self that I am still alive because I decided to be so at a very low point. Why did I decide so? Because I want to experience love and friendship on Earth.

I understood that living, walking around on Earth and doing different things, has really no impact if done only and only for your benefit. Living is a courageous thing in itself, I know, but we are here to bring light and love into the darkness.

We are here to serve LOVE. So, how do I do it? I do good things even when no one is looking. I don’t react to anger with more anger, I listen, letting most of the things go. Just let them go…

Laugh– My God, human beings are hilarious! I have always loved to make other people laugh. I guess my father was a good teacher, he found a comic twist to any situation. When we were going to visit family friends or for a birthday celebration somewhere, I knew that on the way there my father was concocting a joke.

When the door would open for us, he would land it and everybody joined the laughing circle. I was so proud of him and wanted to be like that as well. I guess I kind of am. If I manage to bring my serious team lead and manager to laugh, I know something about it!

Many situations in life loose their dramatic factor if welcomed with a smile on the lips and a sparkle in the eyes.

One more joyful day I do: I started painting for other people. Today I delivered one painting for a colleague. She saw my three paintings on the desk and asked for one. I did it and…you know what, I was payed!

Even better, there are other 3 orders in line waiting!

Oh! What a joy to share joy!



Until next time: Take care of you and be courageous ! Like me : I have a Instagram page !

Whaaat? OH, yes I do. Just to put my creations out there, to let them live their lives, fly away and spread my joy!


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