From Moldova: Conversation with my parents Part I

I remember my mother waving at me as I was walking away toward the bus station. It was the end of summer, the garden in front of the house was dry.

My father was helping me, as always, to carry the small luggage. It contained all I had and was going to take with me. I was heading towards the unknown again. This time, I knew it, it would take a while until I could see my parents, my home town, the garden again.

I was heading towards the unknown self.  Until I do not find my purpose, I cannot return. 

My great luck in this life is having the parents I have. They love me even though I have been away, in all meanings, for quite a while.Trying to find the reason for my being. They understand that, I hope.

interviu -1 002

I had a written conversation with them on the 27th of August 2018, the day of Independence in Moldova. The day when another protest was taking place in Piața Marii Adunări Naționale. A protest for independence organized by  Mișcarea de Rezistență “ACUM” They are requesting the government’s resignation, the validation of the local elections ( the local administration of the capital Chisinau) and a new round of elections.

I know this so well, this is home for me.


1) Dear father, today we are celebrating the independence of Republic of Moldova. How is your life now? Is Moldova independent? Is the population  independent?

About 20 years ago, when Moldova proclaimed its independence, we were a lot more excited and happy, we had high hopes. Moldova was probably independent during the 13th-14th century, when Stefan the Great was the kind. At that time, Moldova had a full shape. It was a large and strong country, the enemies could be easily confronted. Besides the fortresses (still standing today) numerous churches and monasteries were built. Since then, a lot of things changed!

The meaning of independence as well. From the economical and political point of view, all countries are independent. Moldova started its journey towards independence but the transition is long and painful. It did not end yet.As citizens, of course, we have  lot more rights and freedom but these cannot be fully valued  without the economical independence.

2)Dear Mother, you have always been living in Moldova. You find out about the outside world through the TV and what people talk. How would you describe your life now in Moldova? Didn’t you ever want to leave? What held you there during those times when everybody was running out,  life being extremely hard?

I have never thought about leaving. This is not the solution. I was thinking instead about finding my way, using what I have at that moment were I was to move forward. And I was happy with the results of my work. It is possible to have a beautiful, full, happy life in our country, you just have to work , to be very careful with your money and be content with as much, or as little, as you have.  

3)Dear Mother, what do you think, how does the life of young Moldovan people look like today? Those who left, did they make a mistake? Your colleagues’ children, what kind of lives do they have?

Life is difficult here, I m not denying it, even more so for the young families,  when they need a home and many other things, BUT, it is possible if you really want it. If you don’t let yourself be distracted you will find the way to receive everything you need. Maybe not as much as you expect , but that would be the result of your own efforts. Yes, I have colleagues who have children abroad and have built a life there, but also  those who stayed here.

I love my country just as it is. Those who left, I am not saying they did a mistake, but in this way families are destroyed  for the sake of having more things.What else do they gain by leaving?

What else do they gain by leaving?

That is a good question to think about. I am while painting and bringing joy to where I am.


Until next time, take care of your soul. Yes, we can!

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