From Moldova: Conversation with my parents Part II

The weeks pass by and I keep asking myself if my presence is bringing good, peace and love. Am I responsible enough? How am I helping myself and those around me become peaceful and loving to themselves and to the world?

I will keep on asking.

Here is the second part of the conversation wit my parents. I do not agree completely with their opinion, but for the sake of freedom, I am presenting their position.

4)Father, I saw the news about the protests taking place in Chisinau. Another protest. Ever since I remember myself, Chisinau is protesting. What is the meaning of all these never ending revolts?

The reality of Moldova now, from a democratic point of view, is normal. The political forces  are fighting for power. Those who are governing are convinced of being right, the opposing powers are trying to prove otherwise. In reality, these protests are alimented by the numerous problems-corruption, poverty, lack of jobs, very little possibilities to have a normal life.  

I believe that democracy is not the ideal form of governing, because it can not bring peace and equality in rights for ALL citizens. It is just a different form of dictatorship, the dictatorship of the strongest, which everywhere in the world, are the rich.Our problems will not be solved by creating new laws and cosmetic solutions. These problems are created by the unknowing of the fundamental truths and the world around us. Christianity is the real democracy and it solves all the problems in the society.

5.Mother, father, where I am now there are people coming from all of the world. When I say that I am from Moldova I don’t get asked anymore What/ Where is that? Probably because our people permeated the whole world! What do you think, is this fact going to help us grow, become more human, kinder, wiser or are we going to lose ourselves in the world?

There is no straight answer to this question.  This depends on the reasons and the plans of each one of us- Where do you want to arrive? What do you want to obtain? The heart can no be always in conflict with the mind, at some point we chose one of them. We can not live long with an internal conflict. The mind is functioning with that which we see and touch. With our heart we understand, explore throughout time and grasp the essence of everything.

6)What is your opinion, how can someone live and face all life’s issues, without losing the joy of being alive?

If life ends once the body is dead and forever gone than there is no meaning to life. The meaning of life here on Earth can be understood only from the soul’s perspective. The soul, created by the Holy Spirit, never dies. The joy of knowing this truth- for which there are undeniable profs- can not be hidden. For us to ask – why am I here ?  and where am I heading?-  that is the purpose of life.

7)Dear parents, you have two children far away from home. What would you like to say to all the children and their parents waiting?

What can we say to those children? We wish them good luck, health, to solve their problems and come back home where someone is waiting  and needing them. Without them our country will die. Problems are easier solved together, happiness is greatest if shares. We are stronger together.

Their parents should tell them  how they overcame problems, which were also challenging. The parents should help their children understand that difficulties come and go but life is not sustained only with food.
I thank my parents for having accepted another written conversation with me.

I know that I am not the perfect daughter and not sure that I can be. This is the reason why life in never- ending. I will keep on trying to achieve a greater capacity to love and understand.

Maybe that will unite us forever.

I will not hold back my love for authentic life and freedom


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